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Your Diabetes

Complex Care Services

The specialist diabetes service is provided at the Centre for Diabetes and Endocrinology, York Hospital. A comprehensive range of specialist diabetes services are provided here. The staff involved include Diabetes Consultants,  Diabetes Nurse Specialists, Diabetes Specialist Dietitians, Diabetes Support Worker, Diabetes Podiatrists, Retinal Screeners and dedicated healthcare assistants, reception and administrative staff. 

The team has close links with Obstetric, Paediatric, Renal, Vascular, Orthopaedic and Orthoptic specialists to provide a comprehensive range of specialist clinics. A list of the specialist clinics are:

  • Diabetes MDT clinics: Staffed by Consultants, DSN and Dietitian. To provide level 3 care for those with complex diabetes care needs.

  • Diabetes Foot MDT clinic: Staffed by Diabetes specialist podiatrist, Diabetologist, Vascular Surgeon and Orthopaedic Surgeon with access to specialist Orthoptics and plaster room service. This clinic supports those with high risk diabetes foot problems such as active foot ulcers, Charcot's disease, foot ischaemia and intractable neuropathic pain.  

  • Young Persons Clinic: Staffed by both the Adult MDT and Paediatric MDT. This clinic is run after school hours and supports young people with diabetes who are transitioning from the paediatric team to the adult service. They have the benefit of all members of the diabetes team in attendance for advice should they require it.  

  • Diabetes Antenatal Clinic: This clinic is held at the antenatal clinic (not at the diabetes centre) and is staffed by the full diabetes MDT who work alongside the Obstetric team to ensure mother and baby are both well cared for during pregnancy, in the same clinic. Pregnant ladies with pre-existing diabetes and those who develop gestational diabetes attend this clinic.

  • Diabetes Retinal Screening Service: This regional service is run by York Hospital with close links with the Opthalmology department. 

  • Diabetes Pump Clinic: This weekly MDT clinic supports people using insulin pumps. We have been running this service for about 10 years and provide up to date technical support including continuous glucose monitoring when required. 

  • Diabetes Renal Service: This clinic is run jointly with the Renal Consultant to provide specialist input into those with worsening kidney function. The service also supports people with diabetes when they attend for dialysis and post transplant care.

  • Diabetes Education Service: We are a QISMET (Quality Institute for Self Management Education and Training) accredited provider of diabetes education. QISMET developed the Diabetes Self Management Education Quality Standard, launched in 2011 as a way for providers to demonstrate they meet NICE Criteria. We were the first in the country to receive full certification of our educational programmes.

  • Diabetes Specialist Outreach Team (DSOT). This team offers additional support to patients with diabetes who have more complex health and social care issues. They support Primary care in remote case note reviews of people with Diabetes to ensure appropriate treatment strategies are in place.