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You do not need special 'diabetic foods', (e.g. jams, marmalades, biscuits, cakes, sweets, chocolates) because you have diabetes. Many of these products are not very tasty, they are expensive and often there are cheaper sugar free alternatives available in the supermarkets.

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Easy Meal Ideas


breakfast cereal

Wholegrain cereal. i.e Shredded wheat, bran flakes or corn flakes with banana and semi- skimmed milk 

Weetabix with dried fruit and milk

Wholegrain toast with low sugar marmalade or thinly spread jam

Grilled bacon and tomato on toast

Main Meals   chicken

Roast lean meats,/ mince/ chicken with vegetables and mashed potatoes

Grilled fish, vegetables / salad and jacket potato

Shepherds Pie and vegetables

Sausage, mashed potatoes and baked beans


veg curry   Vegetable curry / dhal, chapattis / rice and salad

                            Macaroni cheese with grilled or tinned tomatoes

Lighter Options jacket potatoe

Jacket potato with tuna and sweetcorn/ baked beans/ cheese

Homemade or wholesome tinned soups which include peas or lentils with a wholemeal bread roll

Wholemeal sandwiches filled with egg and cress/ tuna and cucumber / lean meat and salad filling







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