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Insulin Titration

Working out the right amount of insulin to take can often be quite a daunting task. People injecting insulin are advised to alter their insulin doses depending on a variety of factors such as meal time carbohydrate load, pre injection blood glucose, planned or completed exercise and so on. These factors can be quite complex and the knowledge on how to do this safely and effectively is covered in courses run by the Diabetes Team (BITES for people with Type 1 Diabetes and Insulin Skills workshops for those with Type 2 Diabetes). If you wish to enrol in any of these courses please discuss this with a member of the Diabetes Team, The Diabetes Centre, York Hospital - 01904 726510

For people starting insulin treatment, often the initial dose is a relatively small one and increased over the course of the ensuing few days and weeks. This applies to those starting insulin once, twice or four times per day. We recommend a gradual increase in dose depending on the blood glucose measurement achieved. Please click on the link provided to download the full guidance.

Daily insulin adjustment leaflet

Adjustment leafletĀ